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The crew of the vessel Sea-Watch 4 has been threatened again by the Libyan coastguard. This was revealed by the German NGO when it posted on Twitter a radio message from the Libyan authorities to the crew urging them, in a threatening tone, to “leave the rescue zone where they were or risk being taken to Libya.”

On Thursday 18 November, the Sea-Watch 4 was called to “leave the area.” In a threatening and repetitive tone, the Libyan interlocutor said that “the rules in Libya are known” and called on the crew of the humanitarian vessel to “leave immediately.” One of the crew members reminded the Libyan coastguard that the ship “is not in the Libyan SAR zone but in international waters, more than 40 miles north of the Libyan coast, which gives it the right to sail there.”

The incident occurred a few hours after a rescue operation carried out by the Sea-Watch 4 which rescued more than 90 people, including pregnant women and children.

In July, the German NGO issued another radio message in which the coastguard threatened to arrest the crews if they did not leave the area.