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Migration and mobility

The founder of the NGO Heroes del Mar, José Clemente, announced that a Trasmediterranea boat chartered by the Spanish authorities went to Oran with 30 migrants on board who were being held in the detention centre for foreigners (CIE) in Barcelona.

On 21 November, 88 people were returned to Algeria from the port of Almeria, according to José Clemente. He, also, added that 156 people were sent back to Oran and Ghazaouet on 13, 10, and 3 November. Thus, 304 Algerians were returned to their country by the Spanish authorities.

The daily El Pais revealed that the Spanish Ministry of the Interior signed a contract with the company Trasmediterranea last August, mobilising four ferries to “expel Algerians with irregular situation who arrived by boat.” According to the newspaper, the subcontracting of each ship, “which includes the care of the repatriates and the agents who accompany them, as well as their return journey to Spain,” costs a total of €300,000.

It is worth noting that the Spanish authorities have announced that almost 10,000 Algerians have entered the country in an irregular way since the beginning of the year, that is 20% more than last year.