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A report by the municipal department of the city of San Cristobal de la Laguna, where the Las Raices camp is located, has described the living conditions in the camp as “worrying.” Opened last February, the centre houses around 1,500 migrants who arrived in the Spanish archipelago after crossing the Atlantic.


On 24 March 2021, and following several alerts by NGOs, experts inspected the camp and concluded that the sanitary and hygiene conditions were “worrying.” In their report, the experts explained that the accommodation conditions are not adapted to the sanitary crisis as each tent has an average of 32 migrants in crowded spaces, making it impossible to respect social distancing.


The report also revealed a significant dysfunction in the management of food for migrants who have to wait more than three hours to get a meal, which creates long queues and prevents respecting social distancing. 


In this regard, the experts called on the regional and national authorities to intervene in order to provide better living conditions for the migrants in the Las Raices camp that, like many other migrants, remain blocked on the Canary Islands, prevented by the authorities from continuing their journey.