Security and countering violence

French Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly declares that despite its defeat in the latest fight in Mars 2019, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues to organize, target pro-regime fighters, and claim responsibility for their attacks in Europe. 

The minister declared in an interview to France Inter that “France considers Daesh [ISIS] to still be present. We could even say that there is a kind of resurgence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.”

On December 30, the jihadist group claimed responsibility for an attack in which 39 regime soldiers were killed. This attack is part of the reprisals led by Daesh terrorists since the fall of their caliphate. Since their defeat in the Baghuz battle in March 2019, ISIS attacks killed more than 1,100 pro-regime fighters, including soldiers and members of foreign paramilitary groups.

Florence Parly, in this regard, claimed that French troops will be deployed in Syria “through training actions and through our hunting, with four Rafale engaged in the International Military Intervention against ISIL led by the United States.”

Daesh has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks committed all over the world and in European in recent years.