Economic development and social dialogue

The 2020 Producers' Fair is held in Damascus for a week and celebrates the crafts and industry of Aleppo, a city in the northwest of the country that was, before the war, the most active economic region of Syria.

More than 130 merchants went to Damascus in the hope of relaunching their activities suspended by the conflict and fighting. Joseph Tobjian, a manufacturer of the legendary Aleppo soap, explained in a statement to AFP, “hoping to find an audience to sell his product that he can no longer export after years of devastating war.”

Organized in the complex of Tekkiye Souleymaniya and with the support of the government, this fair seeks to create an alternative market and offers to the Syrian public various products ranging from jewelry to traditional soaps but also furniture, ready-to-wear and Syrian marshmallows.

In this context, one of the organizers of the fair, Alaa Helal, explained that this fair can lead to economic opportunities for artisans and industrialists who still suffer from western economic sanctions that target their country and block their exports.