Good governance and rule of law


Tunisian activist Wissem Jebara is currently wanted by the police for posting a video on Facebook in which he insulted the President of the Republic, Assembly of the Representatives of the People of Tunisia, and the Head of Government.


Municipal agent, civil society activist, and volunteer in the fight against COVID-19, Wissem Jebara filmed himself in front of a hospital and accused the three presidents of the mismanagement of the health crisis. A few hours later, the police raided his home and the cemetery where he works as a volunteer.


The president of the regional section of the Bar Association in Monastir, Lotfi Zouiter, said that Wissem Jebara is currently fleeing the police and that a group of lawyers has already been formed to defend him.


The activist published a second video explaining that he was in a state of hysteria after his mother got infected with COVID-19 and he could not find a hospital bed for her. 


A large campaign of support for Wissem Jebara has been initiated on social media where Internet users are calling for the dropping of all charges against him.