The new pandemic wave is getting worse in Tunisia. An average of 6,000 new cases per day and about a hundred deaths are taking place daily. The Ministry of Health has deplored a “catastrophic situation” in hospitals.


Speaking on a local radio station, Health Ministry spokeswoman Nissaf Ben Alaya said that “the rate of cases has increased enormously. The health system has unfortunately collapsed.” Asserting that the crisis could get even worse, the spokeswoman revealed that it has become very difficult to find an available bed in hospitals that also lack the necessary quantities of oxygen.


Last Tuesday, Tunisia suffered 9,823 cases including 134 deaths in one day, unprecedented figures since March 2020. In total, the country had 464,914 cases including 15,735 deaths, for about 12 million inhabitants. According to figures published on the official page of the Ministry of Health, 92% of resuscitation beds in the public sector are currently occupied and those in the capital are full.


The executive has banned traffic between regions and extended the lockdown and night curfew in six governorates until 31 July.