Women's rights


A National Guard officer shot his wife with his service weapon. The victim, Refka Cherni, 26 years old, died in the regional hospital of Kef during the night of 9 to 10 May 2021. According to initial data, the officer shot his wife after a family dispute. Alerted by neighbours, a security patrol rushed to the scene and arrested the gunman.


In reaction to the femicide, the NGO Femme et citoyenneté El Kef claimed that the victim had already filed several complaints against her husband for violence, but to no avail. According to the initial data, Refka Cherni even provided a medical certificate for temporary work absence of 21 days, but her complaints never led to the arrest of the husband who, thanks to his profession, had a network that “protected” him.


Several Internet users initiated a denunciation campaign on social media calling for applying the laws, particularly the 2017 law known as Law 58, aiming at defending women against all forms of violence. Since its entry into force, this text has encountered several difficulties in its application and has still not managed to achieve its objectives.