Good governance and rule of law

After a call posted on social media, hundreds of people gathered on Saturday 18 September in Tunis to protest against the coup de force of President Kais Said who seized all powers on 25 July.

In Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the protesters brought slogans that call for the return to “legitimacy of power and the constitution.”

Several figures of the Islamist party Ennahdha were present at the protest that was marked by a large presence of the police. The former adviser to the head of government and specialist in constitutional law, Jawhar Ben Mbarek, who was also present in the protest, told AFP that “this is a protest to show that there are Tunisians who refuse the coup and the measures taken by President.”

It is worth noting that on 25 July, the Tunisian head of state referred to the Constitution to dismiss the head of government, freeze the activities of parliament, and lift the parliamentary immunity of all deputies. Since then, several public figures have been placed under house arrest and banned from travelling while no government has yet been formed.