Migration and mobility

The Tunisian National Maritime Guard announced the sinking of a boat carrying thirty irregular migrants. On Sunday morning, National Guard spokesman Housemeddine Jebabli said that “A boat carrying illegal migrants sank off the coast of Sfax (...), two bodies, those of a woman and a baby, were found, and seven people (five men and two women) were rescued.”. Monday morning, the agency TAP confirmed the discovery of nine other corpses, which brings the toll to eleven deceased migrants.

While the search is still ongoing, the Ministry of the Interior announced that it had intercepted 32 irregular crossings on Sunday evening and arrested 262 people aged 15 to 44, including two nationals from sub-Saharan African countries. On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the Libyan Coast Guard announced that it had intercepted 227 migrants from Zouara and Zawiya, near the Tunisian border, and brought them back to Libya, according to a post published by the High Commission of United Nations for Refugees.

Since 2017, the number of departures from Tunisia to Europe has increased considerably. According to figures published by the Ministry of Interior, 8,581 people, including 2,104 foreigners, were intercepted while trying to reach Europe by sea from the Tunisian coasts.