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As the entire world is focusing on fighting the spread of COVID-19, Algeria is witnessing an unprecedented persecution targeting activists and journalists involved with the Hirak. With the latter being suspended from Algerian streets due to the pandemic, the Algerian government has been convicting one after the other since the beginning of March activists and journalists with procedures fully disregarding rights guaranteed by the Algerian judicial system including the Constitution and the Code of Criminal Proceedings, and opposing Algeria’s obligations towards international treaties and conventions.

Twenty national and international organisations defending Human Rights call on the Algerian authorities to immediately release all journalists and to grant them the freedom and right to report information in Algeria, and to also release all political and human rights activists and put an end to judicial proceedings. they demand in particular the immediate releases of Karim Tabbou, Ibrahim Daoudji, Samir Belarbi, Slimane Hamitouche, Abdelouahab Fersaoui, Hadj Ghermoul, Khaked Drareni,  Sofiane Merakchi, Belkacim Djir. More details about this call in the document below (in English or in French), including the list of signatory organisations. 

Amnesty International has also called for the release of prisoners of conscience and other prisoners at risk of the spread of the Coronavirus.