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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has published its World Press Freedom Index, which assesses the conditions in which journalists work in 180 countries and territories. In its 20th edition for 2022, the ranking alerts us to a number of indicators that show the deterioration of press freedom in several countries around the world.

Ranked 135th, Morocco has a “facade of media plurality” according to RSF, which explains that “the media do not reflect the diversity of political opinions in the country.” The NGO recalled that independent Moroccan journalists are often subject to arrest without warrant and prolonged pre-trial detention on charges of rape, human trafficking, adultery and performing illegal abortions.

Egypt, ranked 168th, is described in the report as “one of the world’s largest prisons for journalists.” Journalists there are victims of censorship, searches, office closures, arrests, mock trials, forced disappearances and arbitrary detentions.

At 134th place, Algeria is experiencing a constant increase in threats and intimidation against journalists in a very tense socio-political context.