A scientific article on “Execution of State Funds by Partial”, Sustainability Studies, Issue 04 November 2019, Baghdad-Iraq- 2-A scientific article du “Malicious Actions as a Means of Misuse of Litigation Law of Civil and Administrative Readings in Alzaer Faculty of Law and Political Science, Ninth Generation, Issue 32, Part One, Year 1-2-2020, University of Kirkuk, Iraq, 3- Scientific Essay “The Legal Presence and Absence of Adversaries, Its Role and Ensuring the Right of Defense” Published article by the Legal Sciences International College of Gog n Ashour Roll, December 2018 Issue 12 ISSN 2507/7333 4- The essay “The procedural system for payment by not studying the phases in comparison -” the Institute for Research and Political Science, University of Tayyar ISSN2437 2019/044 5-Article “Qualitative readings as a procedural economic model for the Algerian public procurement law” The legal body. And economics, issue a yesterday, Sunday, University of Gawat, Alzaer

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